Solatube: Go green, Save money on beautiful lighting, and do something nice for yourself!

Solatube, or tube skylights are a great way to save money on lighting and make your home more beautiful. These are available with cool options such as:

Optional Bathroom Fan 

-Optional Light (for night time use)

Pretty cool, right? That’s what I think about tube skylights, they work great and save money. They are exponentially more well insulated than a skylight and provide more natural light that is softly diffused and directed to a broader area because of the glass diffuser sunlight passes through. This light diffusing action is all happening at the ceiling level rather than several feet up in a skylight well. Observe in the photo how light is being shed onto the walls and bathroom so beautifully. It’s reality, that’s how these things work. A skylight would cast a large square shadow while the tube skylight floods the room with light.

The price is less than a skylight also and the mess is non-existent. There is no mess, can be installed in a couple of hours, vaulted ceilings, flat ceilings, Victorian and many more applications.

The solatube ranges in price from 150$ small  – 250$ large and installation labor cost is $350. So, a basic install which covers 90% of suburbia falls into that category (Five hundred-six hundred dollars). Some special applications require slightly more labor cost.

Right now and anytime I would like to offer new and returning customers, everyone, a 50$ discount on a standard solatube install. That’s as many solatube’s as your heart desires value priced at $450.00 for the first one and for an additional solatube for the cost of the product and I will reduce the labor by 50%. That is $175 labor cost and 150$ for the solatube on additional purchases.

For Example:

Buy one standard Solatube $450 (Save 50$)  Buy one

Buy a second for $325 (Save 175$) Buy Two plus the $50

Total Saved on two solatubes $225 !!!!!!

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add as many as you like for this value price. It’s a great deal.