Roof damage claims: How to, Q and A

Has a hail storm recently ripped through town and left the neighborhood full of roofing vultures? Some of the scavenger types show up first and dominate the market in a small way. Sadly many claims are denied and cancellation letters sent to unsuspecting homeowners. The horror stories about contingency contracts, leaks, permits not signed off and the worst, down payment ditching by the very few scam artists that exist. Here is a simple list of exactly what to do in case of a hail storm: 1. Do your own visual inspection of the property

  •      Look at the paint on all sides above shoulder level, or about the four foot mark.
  • Check the aluminum downspouts for pock marks, pits and missing paint.
  • Look at the mailbox for any signs of hail pitting or damage.
  • Inspect the fences on all sides and the top is there any hail damage?
  • Take pictures of the damage or suspected damage right away.

2. Make  the right contacts fast.

  •     Call the insurance claims department and ask if any claims have been approved near your address, if no claims have been approved, chances are that you could end up with a hail claim denial letter, or worse a letter stating that in the next one year a roof replacement is required or face the insurance cancellation letter.
  •     Contact Allied Roofing and any other very established quality roof contractor, yes we refer other good companies to bid against us, and let you be the best decision maker possible. This is an absolutely free service all the way around.
  • Feel free to email pictures and any information to us for honest review.
  • If the claim looks solid an on site inspection is the right thing to do.
  • Have us come look at the damage, take pictures, and make contact with the insurance company.
  • Get everything in writing, an estimated date of service.

3. Resist the pressure and save trouble down the road.

  •     Do not sign a contract on the first or even second visit, make sure your claim is going to get approved by completing all of the steps above.
  •   Do not believe the promises, no roofing company can exactly predict your individual damage situation, insurance policy terms and conditions, and the outcome of your roof hail damage claim.

4. Make the right decisions.  A skilled roof sales person can help explain energy efficiency, attic ventilation, insulation, help choose a roof shingle color to match the home properly, and cover all the bases of roof replacement. That way, your home gets the best quality product at the best price. Energy efficiency is a top consideration, and this is an opportunity to upgrade energy efficiency without spending extra money.