Press Release: Allied Roofing Colorado Upgrades

Announcing the very exciting transition from Summer into the Fall season, Allied Roofing and Contracting will be rolling out more special discounts on our blog, and the Allied San Jose California blog will have discounts honored in Colorado indefinitely.

But, wait… that is not all!

Allied Roofing and Contracting is a small, friendly, yet growing business. Allied enjoys many returning clients, referrals to new clients, and fresh new business each day.

In 2012 a new branch was started in California, and the new startup is focused on handyman work, small repairs, and nice upgrades like skylight’s. Allied California is taking some time to find a place in the market, but the staff is working hard and the clients are very satisfied with the quality, convenience, price, and product selections.

Currently  Allied Roofing and Contracting Denver  is being cared for by a new Owner Pro Tem while Allied explores the idea of offering a couple more locations in the next few years.

The owner continues to be involved through the “seamless” transition, and Allied is very pleased with the continual high level of client satisfaction roofing in Colorado.

Taking a slow approach to growing has always given Allied an edge when it comes to strictly upholding old fashioned, friendly business practices.

The whole team at Allied Companies would like to say: Thank You!

Thank you for helping us to grow in Colorado, thank you for all of the fun projects we continue to complete, and thank you for all of the great days working with each client in Colorado.


Allied is maintaining the tradition of honesty, excellence, and value each and every day.


Denver Colorado Roofing Website

San Jose California Roofing Website (currently under reconstruction)


The Two Ferrari’s of Ventilation and Home Comfort

Allied Roofing Handyman San Jose, California

Velux skylight replacement and installation, skylight contractor, replace old skylight, install new skylight, san jose skylight contractor Photo courtesy of Velux Skylight’s USA

Featuring the two most whisper quiet, amazing, integrated, wifi connected home ventilation products.

The Velux Solar operating skylight connects wirelessly into a fascinating remote control, offers wifi connectivity for your home office, smartphone, tablet. As an option, Velux Skylights USA offers the KLF 100 home automation integration kit with optional battery backup to get your skylight online, and under control at the touch of a button from anywhere internet is available in the universe.

velus skylight remote control, skylight's installed, wifi capable skylight, san jose skylight installer

This technology is quite convenient, and pretty amazing. New skylights can be installed, or old skylights can easily be replaced with a new Velux solar powered skylight with an additional sunshade to keep things cool. Skylight glass can be tinted with Low-E, or clear glass with Low-E blocking the majority of longwave ultraviolet rays.

In addition to keeping your home breezy and cool, a 30% Federal Tax Credit is all yours…

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