What is a Roof Certification?

For a brief description from FHA please visit: https://www.fha.com/fha_article?id=257

Buyer’s and Seller’s have been blindsided with anew abstract, the Roof Certification. It’s a document only issued by those roofing companies with the right license.

At times, buyer’s request a roofing certification in order to help measure the quality of the top home priority. Other times, seller’s will be proactive, stay on-top of maintenance, and simply provide this along with a well maintained structure. If it’s requested, our job is to make repairs and issue certifications.

Lenders have picked up on the practice of requiring roof certifications for some loans as well, while a few mortgage companies require the document and inspection on every purchase. Refinances have also been known to request this service.

The good news, it is relatively simple, typically available for most roofs, and provides a lower cost alternative to entire roof shingle replacement due to minor issues. Repairs help keep trash out of the landfills, and it would be a shame to see a good roof go early.

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Saving Heat this Winter

Infrared technology has been working hard to make life better. Structures can be viewed using these cameras to monitor air leaks, among other uses.

Here is a great PDF for information on taking care of winterizing the home for the professional, DIY crowd, and anyone seeking more information on the formation of ice dams, heat loss, energy efficiency.


The keys to efficiency are Ventilation, and Insulation as Center Point Energy’s article neatly describes.

Allied provides Home Energy Repairs and upgrades such as passive high performance roof ventilation, blown in insulation (the pink stuff), spray foam insulation with zero VOC’s, that’s right, a sustainable higher end product that does not have any chemicals to off-gas.


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